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CHRISTMAS FUN SHOOT DECEMBER 23    Calling on all gun club members. We will be having a fun Christmas get together shoot on Saturday December 23rd for a few hours starting at 10:00AM. The registration fee will be $10. We will be setting up some steel plates and bowling pins in the Pistol Bays for .22 LR rifles and pistols (both .22LR and center fire (no magnums)). In the 50 yard range we will be having a “Know Your Limit” .22LR rifle steel rack target as well as a Turkey Shoot target (also .22LR rifle from a standing position) which we will be selling for $5 each and the pot will be split half for the best score on the front of the target and half for the best random score on the back of the target. We will also be having a random draw for a real turkey so come on out and have some fun. The club will be giving away some club hats, shirts and jackets as well. We will be having some sweets and treats and hot chocolate to wish each other well for the holidays. Anyone interested in helping out please contact Jody Waring ( or Dave Greene ( . Please let Jody or Dave know if you are planning on attending so we will know how much refreshments to bring. Regards - David Greene, Treasurer

ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP DAYS IN JANUARY   We have rented the church hall for three additional days in January to avoid a huge jam of membership renewals during regular meeting days. Please plan on attending on one of the following dates: Tuesday Jan 2/18 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Thursday Jan 4/18 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, and Saturday Jan 6/18 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. IMPORTANT: THESE DATES ARE FOR RENEWALS ONLY  - NEW MEMBERS (INCLUDING THOSE WHO LET THEIR 2017 MEMBERSHIP LAPSE) MUST ATTEND A REGULAR MEETING FOR RANGE SAFETY ORIENTATION. Regards - David Greene, Treasurer

YOUTH HUNTER EVENT CABELA'S MONCTON DECEMBER 7 (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.)    Youth hunters are the future of the sport, and Cabela’s recognizes the importance of encouraging a positive hunting experience for all ages while teaching the importance of firearm safety, conservation, and outdoor ethics. Cabela’s Moncton invites youth hunters down to the store to bring in a photo of their harvest, meet other young hunters who share their passion for the great outdoors, and take part in some in store events. Also if you know anyone that is available on December 7th and would be willing to help out with animal calling at our Youth Calling table please let me know or give them my contact information. Youth Calling Station - Learning to call wild animals can be fun and entertaining. Stop by our Youth Calling Station with your kids and learn a variety of calls for the upcoming seasons. Greatly appreciate your help with this….Scott Babineau - Retail Marketing Coordinator - 100 Cabela’s Court - Moncton, New Brunswick E1G 5V7 Direct 506-804-2446 / Store 506-804-2400 (ext 4187-8046)


STEEL SHOOT DECEMBER 2   I will be setting up a steel plate shoot next Saturday December 2 with a rain date on Sunday. Competitors are welcome to use rimfire pistol, rimfire rifle or centerfire pistol. No magnum or +P or +P+ ammunition for centerfire pistol allowed as many targets are damaged from high velocity rounds. Format will be similar to our rimfire matches but this time we are including center fire pistol as well. We will be shooting on the two pistol bays only and the rest of the club remains open. Please register by email to and please include which firearms you will be shooting. If you are shooting one (1) firearm expect to shoot 150 rounds. First shots at 10AM sharp. Match fee $10 - Jody Waring

100 & 200 YARD RANGE OPEN   The ranges have been repaired & inspected by a representative of the CFO and found satisfactory.

IPSC LEVEL 1 PISTOL & RIFLE MATCH NOVEMBER 12   I will be putting on a Level 1 Pistol and Rifle match on Sunday Nov.12 with first shots at 9:30AM at the Fundy Shooting Sports Club. Match fee is $20 and due to limited capacity I have room for 24 shooters. There will be two (2) ranges set up, one with pistol stages and the other rifle. Rifle shots will be inside 50m. Shooters can register in rifle, or mini rifle (.22 rimfire). Round count will be 80-100 rounds of pistol, and 75 +/- rifle. Interested participants need to register via email ASAP to; registration is open immediately. Please verify the divisions you intend to participate. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Must have successfully completed the Black Badge training program. Please share - Jody Waring


100 & 200 YARD RANGE CLOSURES   Please be advised that our 100/200 yard range has been closed by the Chief Firearms Officer until deficiencies noted in our August range inspection have been re-inspected and approved. Any member found to be using these ranges prior to approval will have their membership revoked. THE RANGE WILL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 11 FOR INSPECTION BY THE CFO. Following approval there will be a work detail required to spread straw over the face of the rebuilt backstop to assist in growing cover. Volunteers are required; watch for an email & notice.

IPSC REVOLVER CHAMPIONSHIP OCTOBER 15   The Revolver Championship will be held next Sunday, October 15, at our Mispec range. Spectators are welcome. Anyone interested in a Black Badge course could come out and see what IPSC is & what we do and could take the opportunity to talk to some of the competitors and familiarize themselves with the sport. Please let me know if you have any questions - Jody Waring,

SHOTGUN SHELL SALE   We have reduced the price of our shotgun shells from $85 to $80 per case, so now is the time to stock up - WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL COST NEXT YEAR??? The club has a lot of money tied up in inventory and we need to sell the ammo! Our loss is YOUR gain! These deals won't last long so hurry in! - Dave Greene

RANGE RENTAL OCTOBER 29   The range has been rented for October 29th, 2017 from 12:00Hrs until 16:00Hrs for a shotgun event and will be closed for all other activities. It will be available to members before or after these hours. Thanks for your understanding as we host this valuable fund raising event for the club.


100 & 200 YARD RANGE CLOSURES   Please be advised that our 100/200 yard range has been closed by the Chief Firearms Officer until deficiencies noted in our recent range inspection have been corrected, re-inspected and approved. Any member found to be using these ranges prior to approval will have their membership revoked.

UPDATE   NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS – The range will be closed on Monday Sept 18th and Tuesday Sept 19th in order to have the required excavation work done on the 100 Yard back stop. All ranges will be closed, including shotgun, 25/50 Yard Line and the two Pistol Bays. Hopefully we will be back open on Wednesday for the Pistol Bays and the 25/50 Yard ranges but the 100 Yard range will remain closed until we have been inspected and approved.

DANA RUSSELL MEMORIAL SHOTGUN SHOOT 2017   Our 12th Annual Dana Russell Memorial Shoot was held on Saturday September 16, 2017 with 25 members attending. The shoot winner was John Leonard with a score of 88/100, second place was Trevor Hanley with a score of 84/100 and third place went to John Roberts with a score of 82/100. The high ladies score went to Tracey Roberts with a 72/100. The winner of the Stevens 555 O/U shotgun was Trevor Hanley, Wayne Johnson won a case of shotgun shells, Bill Nason won $100 on the 50/50 draw, Walter Colwell won a club jacket, John Roberts won a club shirt, and John Leonard won a 10 gun vault donated from Canadian Tire West. I would like to thank all those who were present who helped to fill the throwers, score keepers, button pushers and a special thanks to Roy Byers who did a fine job cooking our “range cuisine”, Nikki Colwell for selling out 50/50 tickets and Thomas Alchorn who had to tear apart out tower winch to try to affect repairs. Without the help of the members we would not be able to put on this event. My thanks again – Dave Greene. Pictures are here!

SCOUTS AT THE RANGE EVENT - SEPTEMBER 9   The club hosted an eager group of scouts at the range along with their leaders & parents. After a safety briefing by Charlie Cain & Leo Morehouse the scouts had the opportunity to try out .22 rimfire firearms & 20 gauge shotguns. Photos are here! After everyone had their turn with the firearms they were treated to a barbeque lunch cooked on a massive grill provided by the CAT Rental Store. Thanks go out to Cabelas Moncton for their support, hats, coupons, multi tools, & gift card (used to buy .22 ammo); a case of 20 gauge shotgun shells was provided by the Gun Dealer in McAdam; The Estey Group donated hearing protectors & safety glasses; Canadian Tire East donated a box of Winchester .22 ammo; and of course many thanks to the 18 members who gave up their Saturday to assist in setting up the event, acting as Range Safety Officers, photographers, cooks, and clean up staff. Without all this assistance we could not have hosted this fine event. Thanks also to the scouts for providing us with beautiful embroidered crests celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our club hosting this day of firearms fun & education. Partial funding for this event was provided by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund as well as whistles, pencils, decals, post cards and NBWTF newsletters for each of the Scouts. The club also provided each Scout with a club hat, compass and a bag of candy as a remembrance of the day’s events.

RIMFIRE CHALLENGE STEEL SHOOT SEPTEMBER 23   Our Second Rimfire Challenge Match will take place on Saturday, Sept 23rd  at our Fundy Shooting Sports Range. Registration opens at 9AM with range briefings at 9:30 with first shots beginning at 10AM sharp. Match fee is $20 and there will be a BBQ lunch provided. This event can be competed with .22 rimfire pistol, rifle or both. There are two (2) divisions; LIMITED and OPEN. LIMITED is iron sights, no optics or muzzle brakes. OPEN allows optics, muzzle brakes etc... When you register, you must ensure we know what division you are competing in, and double check with your squad leader to ensure you are registered correctly. PRE REGISTRATION can be done via email to match director Jody Waring at  In your email, please state your full name, are you shooting pistol or rifle or both, and is your pistol and/or rifle OPEN or LIMITED. Walk ins are welcome but please pre-register if possible as it really helps in planning. If you have any questions please contact Jody. If you are in need of any gear please let us know so we can help, also if you are sharing firearms or related equipment with anyone, let Jody know so he can squad you with that person(s). If you would like to try the limited rifle division but don’t have one the club has a Marlin 795 .22LR with 5 magazines that was donated by one of our members that you can borrow at no charge, you only need to provide the ammo. Again there will be some prizes and awards to competitors so please help out by pre registering so we can plan accordingly. We are looking forward to this event and hope we beat the 27 shooters we had last time. Let’s join in and make this event grow! See you on the 23rd! - Jody Waring


100 & 200 YARD RANGE CLOSURES   Please be advised that our 100/200 yard range has been closed by the Chief Firearms Officer until deficiencies noted in our recent range inspection have been corrected, re-inspected and approved. Any member found to be using these ranges prior to approval will have their membership revoked.

TURKEY SHOOT RESULTS   Winners of the 50 yard standing shoot was Tye Barter with a 37/50 on the front score for a $20 Sobeys Gift Card and $25 cash prize and the winner of the back score was Steve Tibbett with a 43 for a $25 cash prize. Winner of the 100 yard bench shoot was Dave Greene with a 38/50 on the front and a 20 on the back score for a $20 Sobeys Gift Card and $50 in cash. Total scores are attached.

Upcoming shoots and other news   There is now an outdoor cigarette container at the 25/50 yard firing line, to put your butts in. Please use it and keep our range clean.

You only have 1 week left to sight in your .22 rifles for our .22LR Turkey Shoot on August 22nd. First shots will be at 18:00 hours. Targets will be sold for $5 each and the shooter with the best score on the front of the target will get half the money collected plus a $20 Sobeys gift card (get your own turkey) and the shooter with the best score on the back (from a random numbered grid) will get the other half. There will be two rounds, one from 50 yards from a standing position (no straps or leaning on posts or benches) the other will be from 100 yard from a bench position (you may use a rifle rest or bipod if you like). Each shooter will fire 5 rounds and will have 3 minutes to do so. Please come with your rifles already sighted in as you will not be allowed to do so prior to the shoot.

A reminder to all members, that the range will be closed from Aug 24th to Aug 27th as we are hosting the Provincial IPSC Level II Handgun Championship. Please feel free to come out and have a look at some top caliber shooters.

We will be having our annual Dana Russell Memorial Shotgun Shoot on Saturday September 16, 2017 (rain date will be Sunday September 17th) . This year we are asking for preregistrations to be completed along with a $20 registration fee. The total cost of the shoot will be $60.00 for 100 clays. We will be accepting a maximum of 30 shooters so we are asking that anyone from the club that will be attending to complete the attached registration form and forward it and your fee to Dave Greene. If you have any questions please contact either Bill Nason at or 696-2279 or myself at or 674-1345H/650-5563C.

After August 28th , if we do not have 30 shooters from our club registered we will be extending the invitation to other clubs so please let us know before then.

A BBQ lunch will be included and there will be a draw for a Stevens 555 over/under shotgun. Everyone who is registered will get a ticket on the shotgun plus you may purchase up to two extra tickets on the gun for $10 each. Also, if you need any shotgun shells please let me know prior to the shoot so I can bring them with me. The price is $85.00 for a case of Federal #8, 3 dram, 2 ¾”

We also will need volunteers to help out with registration the day of the shoot, scoring, filling the throwers with clays, etc. So let us know what you can do to pitch in.

Regards; David Greene, Treasurer, Fundy Shooting Sports Inc., 506-674-1345H, 506-650-5563C

RIMFIRE CHALLENGE STEEL SHOOT RESULTS   Saturday July 29th we had our First Annual Rimfire Steel Challenge with 27 shooters in attendance. A great day was had by all and the weather co-operated as well. Here are the top three results for each division for the shoot. All scores are attached by division.

Open Rifle: 1st - Greg Backman 72.95, 2nd - Jody Waring 74.27, 3rd - Lucas Hillier 93.48

Open Pistol: 1st - Graeme Scott 101.16, 2nd – Bill Nason 319.24, 3rd – Nick Aube 339.66, 4th - Todd Aube 396.38

Limited Rifle: 1st – Nick McTiernan 127.04, 2nd – Chris Byers 129.66, 3rd – Mitch Pelletier 160.93

Limited Pistol: 1st – Jody Waring 90.41, 2nd – Greg Backman 107.94, 3rd –  Tim Hunter 119.02

High Ladies Score: Lyne Brazeau

High Youth Score: Billy Waring

Graeme Scott was the winner of the Marlin 795 .22LR rifle

I would like to express my gratitude and share this with the membership. Many thanks to Lyne Brazeau and Blake Tibbetts for running the squads and helping to keep things running smoothly.

I would like to offer special thanks to Dave Greene who supported today’s event without being called upon and wasted no time to offer his help and I am very appreciative of all he did to help make the event such a great success. Dave built target stands, delivered material, took care of awards, handled administration and scoring among other things. He also worked responding to emails and drummed up support. Dave, please accept my thanks, I am truly grateful.

Bill, thanks for bringing all of the refreshments and ensuring lunch was provided and also yourself and Dave for ensuring our draw prize was available. Thank you very much.

On a side note, a special thanks to member Tom Blakeney who kindly donated some cases of water and hotdogs and buns for the BBQ. Thank you Tom!

Thank you Lyne Brazeau for preparing lunch today! Lyne is one of our hardest workers and her help never goes unnoticed.

Lyne, Jim McGee and Billy Waring helped out with the setting up of the match and it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the executive for your support of the Rimfire Challenge and I am hopeful that it will flourish. Please ensure the membership is aware of this correspondence and with your continued support and support of the membership our club will continue to grow.

Kind regards, Jody Waring (

Full Results



RANGE OPERATING HOURS - VIOLATION   There was a complaint reported to the Executive by a local neighbor that shots were fired at 07:50 AM at our range on Saturday morning (July 15). Section #4 of the club constitution (copy below) clearly states that no shots are to be fired prior to 09:00 hours any morning.


The range will be open for active shooting between the hours of 9:00 AM to one half hour prior to legal hunting end time (as posted by the Dept. of Natural Resources) no later than 9:00 PM (21:00 Hours). The range will be open every day of the week unless prior notification is given.

Please be responsible members and follow the rules - Dave Greene, Treasurer

Now might be a good time to review the club constitution, regulations, safety rules, firing line, general rules and range orientation.

MILSURP RIFLE SHOOT JULY 13   One of our members, Lucas Hillier, is organizing a Military Surplus Rifle Shoot for Thursday July 13th at 17:30 hours. So if you have an old M1 Garand, Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Lee Enfield (who DOESN'T?) or any other military issued rifle and would like to shoot against your peers, come out and have some fun. The shoot fee is $5 and you will shoot 5 rounds at our standard targets. See the attached rules for more details. If you have any questions please contact Lucas Hillier at

YOUTH SHOOT JULY 15   We will be holding our third annual Youth Shoot on July 15th (rain date July 16th) at 13:00 Hrs. So bring your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews (they must be 10 to 16) and your .22LR for some fun shooting. The club will provide the .22LR ammo. There will be paper, balloon, charcoal, and steel targets for them to plink away at. We will also have participant medals and hats for the kids and we will be giving away a Ruger 10/22 wooden stock rifle. For those who wish to attend please contact Dave Greene to register at either or 650-5563 . The range will be open Saturday morning until 12:00 hours. After the Youth Shoot (around 16:00 hours) the range will be open for the rest of the day. UPDATE & RESULTS:   Our 3rd Annual Youth .22LR Shoot was held on July 15th with 13 kids and 12 parents in attendance. There were paper targets, charcoal briquettes, balloons and steel targets for them to shoot at and the club provided the .22LR ammunition. All the kids received club camo hats and participant medals. The winner of the Ruger 10/22 rifle was Kaleb Rodgers - Dave Greene, Treasurer - Pictures Are Here

RIMFIRE CHALLENGE STEEL SHOOT JULY 29   The club will be hosting a Rimfire Challenge steel shoot on Saturday July 29th. Registration will be at 9:00 am and first shots will be at 10:00 am. Match fee will be $20. During this shoot we will be using both Pistol Bays and the 25/50 yard Firing Line as well. The 100 yard Firing Line will remain open for other members to use. All registered competitors will have their names put in for a draw prize for a new Marlin 795 auto loading rimfire rifle. You will also be able to purchase up to two (2) additional tickets on the rifle for $5 each. There will be two (2) separate divisions, one being "Limited" and the other "Open". Limited is a .22 long rifle caliber firearm with iron sights (no optics) and no muzzle brakes. Open is a .22 long rifle caliber firearm but is allowed to have optic sights, and other custom add-ons. Shooters will compete in the division with other shooters with similar equipment to level the playing field. All courses of fire are on steel targets of varying sizes and distances typically consisting of 5 or 6 targets. Each course is shot 5 times with the slowest time being a throw away with the best times entered for score. Shooters can compete with pistol or rifle or both. Spare magazines are an asset, but there should be enough loaners available to help most shooters through the shoot, but please reach out so we can do our best to accommodate. Pre-registration would really make things go smoother and the form is attached. Please take advantage of the pre-registration so we can ensure that we have enough food available for lunch (included in the registration price) and so that squadding can be coordinated. If you have any questions please contact Jody Waring at



RANGE CLEAN UP DAY MAY 27   Please plan on attending our range clean up day to assist in putting our facility back into proper condition for another season of use. We will begin at 9:00 am and continue into the early afternoon. Even if you can only spare an hour please come out and lend a hand. The list of tasks is located here - please have a look . UPDATE: Many thanks to the numerous members who braved a cold & raw Saturday morning to tackle the large list of tasks we needed to accomplish. At least we didn't need any bug spray! A great deal of work was completed and we couldn't do it without your support.

NEW SEACAN CONTAINER AT 25/50 YARD LINE - SIGN IN BOOK RELOCATED   To all members please be advised that the sign in seacan is now located directly behind the 25/50 yard firing line. The lock on the new seacan is the same as the main gate so there is no change there. The lock has been changed on the old seacan so do not try to unlock it with your “B” keys. All members must print their name in the log book on arrival (in the new seacan). It has a convenient easy open latch with a single high lever. You still need to raise the flag and change the Range In Use sign as you enter the range - again, same as you always do. We thank all 10 members who showed up for their support to help transition all the equipment to the new seacan. As the old saying goes “Many hands make light work”. Regards, David Greene, Treasurer, Fundy Shooting Sports Inc.

RIMFIRE SHOOT MAY 13   On Saturday May 13th, starting at 9:00 am, I will be holding a rimfire steel shoot for pistol and rifle. These are time scored events and each course of fire will consist of 5 steel plates. Hoping to wrap up by noon as I have other commitments. If you plan to attend please respond via email so I know how many to expect. Fee is $5. Thanks. Jody -



SHOTGUN OPENER APRIL 30th   This Sunday (April 30th) at 13:00 hours we will be having our opening shotgun shoot. We will set up the throwers in a Flush configuration whereby they will all be 60 to 70 yards out and will all throw clays that are high and inbound (easy shots). There can be as many as 24-30 clays in the air at one time so there are lots to shoot at. We can put up to 11 shooters on the line at the same time and you can shoot the clays as quickly as you can reload. Yes, you can take out your plugs in your auto loaders and pumps (don’t forget to put them back in for hunting season). The fee is our standard $6 per line of 25 rounds. Prepaid clay cards will also be available at $110 for 20 lines (a $10 saving) or you can purchase a half card for $55 for 10 lines (a $5 saving) so start stocking up for the year’s shooting season. If you need shells we have cases of 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun shells for sale at $85 each (same price as last year). Contact Dave Greene (674-1345) or Bill Nason (696-2279) to place your order for shells. These will be sold on a first come first get basis.

Note: During this Shotgun Shoot the rest of the range will be shut down. You can shoot before (up to 13:00 hrs.) or after the shoot ends (Around 16:00 hrs.)

Also, we have the following spaces left for our squads going to the various shoots to the Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club. There is 2 spots for the Ruffed Grouse Shoot on May 6th, 2 spots for the Winchester Shoot on June 10th, 1 spot for the Beretta Shoot on July 2nd and 1 spot left for the Browning Shoot on Aug 12th. Please contact Dave Greene if you wish to attend.

Regards - David Greene, Treasurer, Fundy Shooting Sports Inc. , PO Box 27062 Lancaster, Saint John, NB, E2M 5S8, 506-674-1345 H, 506-650-5563 C

RIMFIRE FUN SHOOT APRIL 9th   I am going to set up a few steel stages Sunday starting at 10:00 am. This will be a trial run for a series of shoots we plan on hosting. It is rimfire pistol and rifle only. Bring your other pistols - time permitting we may shoot a few rounds from them as well. If you have any questions please let me know - Jody Waring

RIMFIRE FUN SHOOT RESULTS   Hi all, the results are as follows; those that did not complete all courses of fire received a score for each stage not completed equal to the slowest time shot for that stage so that I was able to score you in the match. We had a 17th shooter, but he had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances.

Pistol: 1. Jody Waring 2. Greg Backman 3. Jim McGee 4. Graeme Scott 5. Mitch Pelletier 6. Cody McKinnon 7. Mike Partridge 8. Dave Greene 9. Jared Byers 10. Roy Byers 11. Lyne Brazeau 12. James Stewart 13. Laval Roy 14. Tom Blakeney 15. Pat Enright 16. Andrew Morris.

Rifle: 1. Graeme Scott 2. Jim McGee 3. Greg Backman 4. Jody Waring 5. Cody McKinnon 6. Lyne Brazeau 7. Tom Blakeney 8. Mike Partridge 9. Mitch Pelletier 10. Roy Byers 11. Jared Byers 12. Dave Greene 13. Laval Roy.

Combined: 1. Jody Waring 2. Greg Backman 3. Graeme Scott 4. Jim McGee 5. Cody McKinnon 6. Mitch Pelletier 7. Mike Partridge 8. Lyne Brazeau 9. Jared Byers 10. Roy Byers 11. Tom Blakeney 12. Dave Greene 13. Laval Roy.

I have to say today was a success, we had a great turnout, weather was great and I have some ideas to streamline the shoot to make it run more smoothly thanks to input from the competitors. I would like to hear feedback from everyone, and if it is as positive as I think, we are going to get a regular thing going. Thanks to all that came and supported the shoot, helped tear down and score. Until next time, be safe and have fun!! Kind regards, Jody Waring


PETITION TO ALLOW SOUND MODERATORS   There is a petition that has been put forth to Parliament to permit the use of sound moderators for sporting purposes, as is allowed in the majority of developed countries. There are many benefits to the use of these moderators and it remains as the only universally recognised health and safety device that has a criminal prohibition in Canada. Please sign the petition - it only takes a minute online.

SHOTGUN SHELLS FOR SALE   The club is now in possession of shotgun shells for this upcoming season. We have 100 cases of Federal Top Gun in 12GA, #8, 2 ¾”, 3 Dram (#TG1228) and 20 cases of Winchester 20GA, #8, 2 ¾”, 2.5 Dram. We were able to hold our pricing to $85.00 (same as last year) per case tax included (10 boxes of 25 rounds). They will be sold on a first come first get basis. Anyone wanting shells can contact either Dave Greene at or 650-5563 C or Bill Nason at or 696-2279.

RULES VIOLATIONS, DAMAGE TO RANGE EQUIPMENT   On Monday Feb 20th it was discovered that the door to the main (sign in) sea can was left open from sometime Sunday afternoon . Please remember that if you are the last member to leave the range it is your responsibility to lock the sea can. Not sure if you're the last one? LOCK THE SEA CAN!

Also, thanks to the thoughtless person who cut out the page in the logbook for Feb 25/26 thus preventing members from signing in over this weekend. What is wrong with your head? If you needed a piece of paper there is a pile of targets beside the logbook you could have used.

On Sunday it was found that someone had placed targets on all 5 lane markers at the 100 yard target line and had shot holes in all of them. Apparently whoever did this does not understand plain English “DO NOT SHOOT OR ATTACH TARGETS” clearly printed on each marker. When we find out who did this and we will, the person/s responsible will have their membership terminated from this club and we will inform the other clubs in the area and they won’t want you either. Whoever you are just cost the club $125 to replace these markers.


Some members are still using staple guns to attach targets and leaving their staples behind. There are always an ample supply of push pins in the sea can for you to use. There are several 2x4's that are completely damaged from people jamming targets between the rubber matting and the 2x4 or placing clays, toonies or balloons on the top rail. If you want to shoot balloons attach them to the center of the target rubber. If you want to shoot at clay targets pin them to the rubber or make a holder from a coat hanger. Placing clays on the small berm in front of the target holders is not acceptable as the angle of the berm face is too shallow and the shots will ricochet over the large berm.





REMINGTON RIFLE RECALL   If you own a Remington Model 700 or Model 7 rifle with the XMP trigger (X-Mark Pro) click here to check and see if your firearm is part of the recall . This is a critical recall as the gun may fire unexpectedly. Thanks to Blake Tibbetts for the information.

ASTIGMATISM AND RIFLE SCOPE USE   If you are older and have difficulty focusing on crosshairs on your rifle scope there is valuable information on this forum post . Thanks to Blake Tibbetts for the information.

MEETING RESCHEDULED - FEBRUARY 21   Due to the aftermath of the latest snow storm we were not able to get into the church February 14th to have our regular monthly meeting. We have been able to reschedule the meeting to next Tuesday Feb 21st at Saint Columba Presbyterian Church at 1454 Manawagonish Road at 7:00 PM. If you haven’t already renewed, 2017 memberships are now due. Please bring your completed application form to the next meeting on Feb 21st (print it off our website at this address) and bring with your cash or cheque for $75 for one year, $150 for two years or $225 for three years. You will also need to bring your old range key stamped “A” to exchange for this year’s key. The club membership fee went up to $85 dollars on Jan 11th but we are still applying an early payment discount until March 31st. After that, your membership will be $85 for one year, $160 for two years or $235 for three years. If you are unable to attend the meeting please give me a call and we may be able to make other arrangements. For those of you who purchased multiple year memberships last year you need only to exchange your old key (stamped A) with the new key for this year. Also, we have a good supply of club hats in Hunter Orange and Camo at $15 each. Prepaid clay cards are also available at $110 for 20 lines (a $10 saving) or you can purchase a half card for $55 for 10 lines (a $5 saving) so start stocking up for the year’s shooting season. They won’t go bad or expire. I hope to have shotgun shells sometime next week and I will keep you posted as to the price when I get it finalized. Regards - David Greene, Treasurer, Fundy Shooting Sports Inc.


"ICEBREAKER" SHOTGUN SHOOT JANUARY 29   This Sunday (if enough members confirm to come) we will be having a shotgun shoot from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. We will be doing a flush with all eight throwers installed on the outer edge of the shotgun field and all clays thrown will be high and inbound. There can be as many as 24 clays in the air at once! We can place as many as 9 shooters on the line at the same time and if the clay is in the air it is fair to shoot. You can reload and shoot as fast as you are able. Yes, you can take out the plugs (remember to put them back in for hunting season). Shooters will be limited to 25 shells per round and each round will be $6.00. If you want to come please send me an email confirming you will be there. I will have Prepaid Clay Cards available at the range for those who wish to purchase them. There is space for 20 rounds on each card and will be available at a discounted price of $110.00 for a full card ($10 saving) or you can purchase a half card for 10 rounds for $55.00 ($5.00 saving). This year for the first time we will be having a half price Junior rate (from 10 to 17 years old) at only $3.00 per round. This also applies to the Junior Prepaid Clay Card as well. I only have one case of 12 Gauge and two cases of 20 Gauge shells left, so if you require any shells call or email me before Sunday. I will not be taking any extra shells to the range, so if you don’t call you won’t get. During this time (13:00 to 15:00) the rest of the range will be closed. Regards - David Greene, Treasurer, Fundy Shooting Sports Inc.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS FOR 2017   Time to renew your membership! Please take the time to complete an application and return it to the executive at a regular monthly meeting. REMEMBER - The locks have been changed and your key won't work! PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR KEY FROM LAST YEAR! HELP THE CLUB CONTROL COSTS!  Please bring your completed membership renewal form, your old range key stamped “A” and your $75 for one year, $150 for two years or $225 for three years. If you could bring the exact change (that would be helpful) or a cheque will do as well. For those members who did purchase multi-year memberships or who joined the club late in the year (after Oct 1st ) you may come in to exchange your old “A” key for a new one. Please remember to bring in your membership card to confirm that you have already paid for 2017.

Thank you.



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